Virtual Lights

Rotate the Spotlights, See the Face Structure Beneath the Shadow.

  AI Solitions

Auto-NasalHump Removal,
Auto-Crooked Nose Fix (C-I-S-shaped)

Animation Technology

Use Different Mimics and Expressions to Simulate Facial Emotions


Kratos 3d face-scanning system brings highly detailed 3d models and high-quality skin texture with specifically modified cameras and intelligent led units.

  • HD Face Build in 6 Minutes
  • Voice Based Navigation (Russian / Turkish / English / Arabic)
  • Auto Large Number of Anthropometric Landmarks Detection
  • Facial Diagrams and Measurements
  • 3D Manuel Sculpting Brush
  • Ai-based Automated Tools
  • Animation Technology
  • Nose library
  • Compare Before/After
  • Virtual Ligts
  • Micro Skin Structure
  • Runs on Mac/Windows Operation System
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Tech Specs & Requirements

* 8x Camera (24 MP Resolution)
* Special Designed Led Light ( provide homogenous lighting )
* Kratos 10 Inch Tablet ( registering patients before shooting )
* 2.0 milliseconds capture time
* 3D face scan with an accuracy of 0.6 to 0.95 mm
* Minimum 30Mbps Ethernet or Wifi Connection.

Kratos 3D Face Simulation
* Assessment
* Automated measurements
* Rhinoplasty
* Chin augmentation
* Injectables
* Facial contouring
* Lifts

* 100-120V AC, 50/60 Hz
* 220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Processor: Intel Core i5 (or higher)
System memory (RAM): 8 GB (or higher)
Graphics card: Intel Iris Graphics (or higher)
Internet : Minimum 30Mbps Ethernet or Wifi Connection.

Processor: Apple M1 (or higher)
System memory (RAM): 8 GB (or higher)
Graphics card: M1
Internet : Minimum 30Mbps Ethernet or Wifi Connection.


Smart & Automated  
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Auto-Light Control

Ultra-sensitive lighting and individual light zones are carefully designed to create eye comfort. Sign in to the profile and activate the lights. After shooting the lights will be turned off automatically.

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Elegant Profile in Modern

Ultra-slim with a curved back panel for a modern silhouette, this KRT180 is beautiful from all angles, for any space.

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Voice-Based Navigation

Meet Your Kratos Assistant. It's your own personal Kratos, always ready to navigate your patients with it's face Detection Algoritm. ( English / Turkish / Russian / Arabic )

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Wifi / Ethernet Options

No more cable mess. Just use a power cable and your Wifi connection for shooting.

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We value your privacy!

We have a world-class team of security experts monitoring our systems 24x7 to protect your content.
Data is automatically encrypted at the physical layer before being sent to the cloud. Additional encryption layers exist as well like an all VPC cross-region peering traffic, and customer or service-to-service TLS connections. 

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One Device ∞ More Users

We simplify your needs!

What is Kratos point?
It is the method by which doctors in the same building or using the common area purchase a single device and use the simulation systems.

How to use ?
1- The doctor's assistant registers the patient's info by using our mobile application and generates a special QR code for the patient.

2- The patient goes to the Kratos Point location. The staff personnel scan the QR code and take the patient's shots.

3 - In 6 minutes, the 3d model is builded and sent to the doctor's simulation software.

♙With the deep learning-based face alignment the patient face is aligned quickly and the shooting process is completed in 3 seconds. With the Batch processing feature, the patients are scanned in a row without waiting for the build process of their 3d models.

Clinical Approvals

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Op. Dr. Süreyya Şeneldir
ENT Surgeon
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Op.Dr. Mehmet Erdil
ENT Surgeon
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Op.Dr. Kadir Yücebaş 
ENT Surgeon
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A powerful live updating system.

Our clients will be able to see any updates on the splash screen of the software instantly. Kratos team created a unique algorithm which is save all the variables at the same version folder thus any update is not breaking the structure of a previous file!
This unique system is available on Kratos now!

Maxillofacial, Rhinoplasty, Lip augmentation, Injectables (fillers and toxins), Chin liposuction, Chin augmentation and all the other future improvements are free!

Ai-Powered Nose Fix Tool

A crooked nose refers to a nose that doesn't follow a straight, vertical line down the center of your face. The degree of crookedness may be very subtle or more dramatic, depending on the cause. While crooked noses are usually only a cosmetic concern, they can occasionally affect your breathing.
You can easily fix the nose bendness with one click!

Unbelievably good Texture Quality 

Kratos provides a scalable, cost-effective and accessible solution for facilitating realistic facial capture with High-Quality Texture.

Dorsal Hump Removal Tool

This procedure involves reshaping the nasal bones and cartilages, as well as reducing the size of the nasal dorsum. During this procedure, an incision is made inside the nostrils and no external incisions are needed. With Kratos’s patented ai-powered tool, it is so easy to visualize the results in seconds.

Nasal Tip Rotation Tool

Nasal tip rotation is a surgical procedure where the tip of the nose can be adjusted to a more desirable angle. Kratos 3d simülation systems detect the nose tip and provides the slider tool to their users to rotate the nose tip easily.

Distance Measurement Tool

Facial features and measurements are utilized to analyze patients’ faces for various reasons, including surgical planning, scientific communications, patient-surgeon communications, and post-surgery evaluations.
Save time. Don't need real instruments! use virtual tools to determine the nasal length, tip projection, radix projection, and all the others in any face.

Angle Measurement Tool

The nasolabial angle is defined as the angle between the line drawn through the midpoint of the nostril aperture and a line drawn perpendicular to the Frankfurt horizontal while intersecting subnasale.
Don't need real instruments!
Use the virtual angle tool and determine 3 points and learn the angle between the points.

Highly Detailed Face Structure

We present an algorithm that produces a high-resolution 3D structure of the face with DLSR cameras and specially designed lighting systems.

We leverage our KD3DFACS dataset of 3D face meshes of 15.220 distinct individuals ranging from age 18 to 55, captured in a neutral expression.
We evaluate our results using ground truth shapes, as well as compare to state-of-the-art shape estimation methods.

The results of this method have enabled doctors to minimize the margin of error, as it allows for a comprehensive examination of the face before the operation.

History Panel

The History Panel is a tool which creates a chronological top-down view of everything you do in your working session in Kratos 3D Surgical Simulation Software.

Comparing Screen

Demonstrate the difference between the likely outcome with an original face on Comparing Screen. You can explore the possibilities and help your patient decide on the best possible treatment plan.


Expression Analysis and Recognition System.
Newly developed 3D dynamic facial expression algorithm, which will allow the doctors to examine the patient's neutral pose and facial expressions on one face mesh.
this will allow the doctors to simulate the patient real facial expression animation with the slider tool.

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Strategic Partners

About Us 

Kratos is developing AI-Based imaging and simulation technology since 2017. Founded at Istanbul Technical University (İTU) Teknopark in 2022.

The willingness to consider new approaches to age-old questions is what empowers Kratos to make great things.


e-mail :
Adress :  Reşitpaşa Mah. Katar Cad. İTÜ ARI 8 Teknokent Binası
Blok no: 2 / 11, iç kapı No:2  Sarıyer / İstanbul

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